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by Sonny Davé - editor


Finally, a company with a great line of storage solutions for Windows 2000, XP and Vista. So easy, even my parents can back-up their pictures, music and data. 

There are currently 3 DVD solutions and 2 external hard drive solutions.

3 - DVD Solutions

Pick the backup you want to make by purchasing either the Photo, Music or Office backup packs. Insert the DVD into the drive and then follow the simple instructions. The instructions will advise you on how many discs will be required to do the backup. Currently, the DVD's are write once only. Once the backup is completed you cannot add more files at a later date. The approximate usable size per disc is 4.2 GB.


  1. Photo DVD Backup

    Clickfree Photo Backup
    1. 3 - Pack

    2. 5 - Pack

    3. 10 - Pack

  2. Music DVD Backup

    1. 3 - Pack

    2. 5 - Pack

    3. 10 - Pack

  3. Office DVD Backup

    1. 3 - Pack

    2. 5 - Pack

    3. 10 - Pack


2 - External Hard Drives

Clickfree External Hard Drive

The great thing about the external hard drives is that you can
customize your back-up to include photo, music, office and
other formats. The hard drives are incredibly easy to use and
are pre-set (already set to NTFS file format) to maximize the
capacity of the drives.

  1. 120 GB External Hard Drive

  2. 160 GB External Hard Drive

Technical Support

Technical Support is available Monday - Friday,
from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST.

There is a toll-free number for Technical Support.
The wait time in less than 1 minute until you reach a
support staff specialist. The technical support staff are
patient, knowledgeable and will help you resolve any issue you have with the Clickfree products.


The external hard drives are available on QVC and at

The DVD's are available at Best Buy.

Note: The products do not support MAC, Windows 98 or Windows ME.

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2 Stars – Wait until it comes on clearance.

1 Star – Wait until it comes to the Dollar Store.

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