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Parrot MINIKIT™ Mobile Speakerphone Sets the Performance Standard Very High in
Hands-Free Voice-Activated Mobile Devices
by Sonny Davé

We had the pleasure of reviewing the MINIKIT from Parrot, one of the world-leading innovators in Bluetooth® technology. The Parrot MINIKIT is a hands-free mobile speakerphone that features next-generation, best-in-class voice recognition and audio quality for crystal clear, voice-activated phoning in the car, at home or in the office. 

 The MINIKIT is totally self-contained with no external wires or accessories. Weighing only 3.5 ounces and measuring only 4.3 x 2.5 x 1.2 inches – it is designed to fit in a pocket or a purse, and will go everywhere the user goes.  It features 10 hours of talk time, more than one week of standby time and will fully recharge in only three hours. It comes with both 12V and 120V charging units. It has upgradeable software to ensure compatibility with future cell phones.

Parrot MINIKIT also features last-number redial.  And, for privacy, users can switch a call from the speakerphone to their cell phone by simply pressing the green “call” button on the MINIKIT.

 The greatest feature of the MINIKIT is that it will pair with up to five phones, with 150 voice tags per each phone, and recognizes multiple languages. Once paired, it will connect automatically with the user’s Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. Therefore, both you and your spouse can pair your Bluetooth-enabled cell phones and each can have your own voice tags.

by Parrot

To validate the claims made by the company we tested it in the car, at home and in the office by our panel of “Soccer Moms”. We tested it in a minivan with the windows open, radio on and children in the back. The MINIKIT was attached to the visor above the driver. It filtered the background noise and delivered exceptional sound quality to the caller on the other end. We were all very impressed.

 We found the MINIKIT to be outstanding in the following categories:

  1. Volume – Exceptional
  2. Voice Transmission Quality – Exceptional
  3. Voice Reception Quality – Exceptional
  4. Charging Time – Exceptional
  5. Pairing with Bluetooth Phone – Exceptional
  6. Pairing with Multiple Bluetooth Phones – Exceptional
  7. Setting up Voice Recognition – Exceptional
  8. Voice Recognition – Exceptional
  9. Retail Price – Affordable

The MINIKIT retails for $89.99 at Best Buy & Circuit City retailers nationwide.
To promote safe driving Parrot is also offering a $20 rebate on the MINIKIT through December 31st, visit for more information. It’s also available online at

We at highly recommend The MINIKIT as the number 1 choice in hands-free mobile speakerphones.

* Our Rating:

4 Candy Canes – Great item – Buy it NOW!

3 Candy Canes – Wait until it comes on sale at a Big Retail Store.

2 Candy Canes – Wait until it comes on clearance.

1 Candy Canes – Wait until it comes to the Dollar Store.

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