Review of Game Wave by ZAPiT Games Inc.

by Sonny Davé

ZAPiT Games, based in Mississauga, Canada (near Toronto). Its mission is to make the Game Wave™ family entertainment system the world's first choice in family gaming.

He Said:

 The game system comes with everything you need: Audio, Video and S-Cable, game console, game controller storage with 4 game controllers and a free game. The system is easy to connect and easy to operate. One of my favorite features is that it plays DVD movies as well as the games.

The benefit I like is that it comes with everything you need:
the system, 4 controllers and 1 game and additional games are only $25 each.

Moms Said:

At first, I said not another gaming system. After playing, it was “We'll keep the Game Wave system in the family room.”  The other systems can go in the kid’s rooms or game room. Great family fun! The system is great for adult social gatherings as well as holiday socials. The value is unbeatable! The games are short enough to hold everyone’s attention. The kids loved playing Letter Zap, Click and Gemz. The kids want to play Letter Zap and Click over and over again and we don’t mind because they are educational!

Grandparents Said:

“Game Wave system is a lot fun!”  We like the fact that it’s educational, fun and a great way to spend time with the kids! The value is unbeatable!

 Kids Said:

“Game Wave system is a lot fun! Can we get one!!!”  LetterZap, GEMZ, Click! and Lock 5 are lot of fun. “When can we all play again?”




Retail Price: $100



  • Great system !

  • Plays DVD movies

  • Comes with 4 controllers

  • Great resolution on 40+ inch Plasma

  • Games are lot of fun

  • Fun for the whole family

  • Reasonably priced system and games