Fujitsu ScanSnap S510 Scanner

by Sonny Davé


The features we loved: comes with Acrobat 8.0, dual 600dpi x 600dpi resolution, speed, accuracy, double-sided color scanning, PDF creation, the software is easy to use, the scanner is easy to use, business card scanning.



Trouble converting color business cards. This was a minor inconvenience we could definitely live with.



Our overview and assessment:

INCREDIBLE!!!  This scanner is perfect for the office or home business. The scanner is fast. During our test we averaged 20 pages simplex and 40 pages duplex scanning. Instead of faxing we now scan documents and email them. We loved this scanner. Average price $348.26 - $516.34


Our Rating:   * * * *  



Key Features of the Fujitsu ScanSnap S510 Scanner:

“Always On” Fujitsu ScanSnap Manager 4.1

Double-Sided Color Scanning

New multi-function Quick Menu feature

Automatic Color Detection

Automatic Blank Page Detection and Deletion

Automatic Page Orientation and Deskew

Name documents at scan time

PDF "Thumbnail" Viewing

Simultaneous Dual 600dpi Optical Resolution

Appending during batch scanning

Searchable PDF creation

Integrates PDF file-encryption option for scanning sensitive documents

Improved Scanning Speeds

Automatic Paper Size Detection

Improved Business Card Scanning

Integrated ADF exit tray

Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard allows the user to reliably create, share, and control authentic PDF files for easy distribution.

Includes ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap enabling the user to scan directly into applications including Microsoft® Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint®


Other Features of the Fujitsu ScanSnap S510 Scanner:

Scan direct to Microsoft Office Applications- Using the popular ABBYY FineReader® V3.0 for ScanSnap software bundled with the S510, users can scan directly to Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Scanning Directly to Searchable PDF's- Using the ScanSnap Manager, users have the ability to enable the integrated OCR engine. Now users can scan directly into a searchable PDF file without running any other software. For added flexibility, users can save time by selecting an option to OCR only the first page of each batch as well.

Scanning Speeds - At 18 pages per minute (simplex) and 36 images per minute (duplex), the S510 provides excellent color batch scanning performance.

Business Card Scanning - The Fujitsu ScanSnap scanning solution includes CardMinder 3.1, a new update of the application designed to capture images and information contained on either side of a business card. This information is fed directly into a database for future reference and can be linked with popular contact management (CRM) tools including Microsoft Outlook, ACT!, and Goldmine. ScanSnap's multi-page, double-sided, and color capabilities allow the user to scan stacks of business cards, greatly reducing time normally spent inputting contact information manually.

CardMinder 3.0 features dramatically improved OCR capabilities as well as recognition in five languages (English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish). It also cross-references a database of over 20,000 companies to ensure accuracy.

Fujitsu ScanSnap Manager - Fujitsu ScanSnap Manager is the Microsoft Windows-based control panel software application that allows Fujitsu ScanSnap users to change settings and gain maximum functionality from their scanner. The ScanSnap Manager allows users to change settings for: applications, creating searchable PDF files, paper size, image enhancements, and image compression output. The manager also supports the creation of up to twelve customizable user profiles that can use independent settings for the scanner as well as the scan to applications.

Fast "Hands-Free" Double-Sided Color Scanning - Many of the documents we work with on a daily basis contain color graphics along with black and white elements, and text information on both sides of the page including correspondence, magazine ads and articles, contracts, and handwritten meeting notes. The Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner faithfully reproduces both sides of a document in a single pass at an astounding speed of 18 pages per minute for single-sided documents and 36 images per minute for double-sided documents.

In addition, using ScanSnap's automatic document processing features described below, simplify the task of digitizing paper-based information and extend the concept and value of "one-button" operation.

Authentic "on-the-fly" PDF Generation - Adobe PDF has become the world wide de-facto standard for electronic document exchange*. The Fujitsu ScanSnap scanning solution facilitates organization, sharing, and security of document images by automating the step of outputting a standard PDF file that can be viewed and processed by Adobe Acrobat or viewed by any other application that supports PDF files natively. ScanSnap provides the "bridge" that facilitates the conversion of paper-based information into PDF image assets.

Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard not only provides the ScanSnap S510 scanner with Windows Vista support, but also enables business professionals to reliably create, share and control authentic Adobe PDF documents for easy, more secure distribution. Users have access to valuable features and functionality incorporated into Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard, including:

  • Intuitive user interface and enhanced speed and performance.

  • Convert Microsoft Office application files to authentic Adobe PDF with one button click.

  • Automatically scan paper document archives to compact, fully searchable Adobe PDF files.

  • Automatically create a list of reviewers and track whether feedback is received.

  • Indicate text edits such as insertions, deletions, and replacements with a single keystroke; add custom stamps; and use sticky notes and highlights to comment on documents.

  • Combine documents, drawings, and rich media content into one Adobe PDF document. Arrange files in any order regardless of file type, dimensions, or orientation.

  • Combine documents, drawings, and rich media content into one Adobe PDF document. Arrange files in any order regardless of file type, dimensions, or orientation.

  • Gather comments from multiple reviewers into a single Adobe PDF file, or view them collectively in a separate window and export comments to Microsoft Word 2002 to eliminate retyping. Additional applications of permissions with 128-bit encryption that control whether users are allowed to view, edit, comment on, sign, or print Adobe PDF files.

  • Increase file security with password protection, and list of trusted certificates to prevent unauthorized users from opening and viewing sensitive documents

Automatic Color Detection - A single document can contain many elements including both color and black and white images, graphics, and text. In order to scan these pages accurately, many of today's scanning solutions would require the user to separate the color pages from the black and white pages and scan individually, or just scan the document as all color or all black and white. The Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner overcomes this time sinking restriction by automatically sensing whether the page being scanned contains color elements and processes them accordingly. Users can scan mixed batches of color and black and white documents with the comfort of knowing ScanSnap will preserve the look and feel of the original.

Automatic Blank Page Detection and Deletion - Documents can include pages with information on both sides of every page, but sometimes pages are intentionally blank. The Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner has the capability to sense whether a page is blank and eliminate it from the scan if the user so desires.

Automatic Page Orientation - Documents come in different sizes as well as orientations. Under normal circumstances when scanning a stack of documents that have a combination of portrait and landscape documents the user would have to reorient the pages for proper viewing after the scan was complete. The Fujitsu ScanSnap eliminates this unneeded step by allowing the user to set the scanner to detect for automatic page orientation. This feature actually orients pages properly that were inadvertently placed upside-down in the ADF.

Automatic Image Deskew - Anyone who has used a copier or fax machine knows that sometimes pages can become misaligned as they are fed through the paper-handling mechanism. The Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner offers the capability of automatically sensing when images are misaligned (skewed) and corrects the alignment automatically before presenting the final image to the user.

Automatic Paper Size Detection - Documents come in all sizes and the Fujitsu ScanSnap can automatically sense the documents page size and crop the edges accordingly. The ScanSnap scanner senses up to 9 different paper sizes and can also be configured to support "custom" paper sizes as specified by the user.

PDF "Thumbnail" Viewing - Being able to visually search images in a folder is critical to successful every day use. PDF image files created by ScanSnap are visible as "thumbnails" through Microsoft Windows Explorer. Users can freely browse the thumbnails as they would any other file or magnify the image to view the content without needing to launch either the full Acrobat application or the Adobe Reader.

Dual 600dpi Optical Resolution - The Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner is the first product in its class that offers true dual 600x600dpi optical resolution ensuring the highest possible image quality standard in document scanning for the front office. Users have their choice of setting scanning modes of Normal (150dpi color), Better (200dpi color), Best (300dpi color), and Excellent (600dpi color).

Protect Scanned Documents with Adobe Encryption- If scanning sensitive documents ScanSnap Manager will allow you to encrypt any document digitized with Adobe password protection. You can either choose to set a static password for all images scanned using the ScanSnap Manager or designate a password after each scanned batch.

Appending during batch scanning- Now users can scan more than 50 pages by appending to the same file without worrying about merging multiple files. After the ADF runs out of paper, the user has the option to either continue appending or select done. Once the user selects done, the PDF file will be created.

Fujitsu ScanSnap Quick Menu - For added convenience, the advanced capabilities of the Quick Menu provides streamlined execution of scanning functions such as placing scans into the ScanSnap Organizer, saving scans to a specific folder, or sending scans directly to a printer to serve like a photocopier. The Quick Menu provides sophistication while retaining the ultimate in simplicity; for example, the Quick Menu gives the user a scan-to email dialogue allowing the user to preview the batch for accuracy, rename the attachment filename, add an Adobe PDF password for added security, and attach the prepared file directly into a new e-mail, all from one simple window.


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