Speed Racer Comic Book Creator Review
by Sonny Davé - editor


Speed Racer Comic Book Creator is based on the old TV show;  featuring
classic characters such as Speed Racer, Racer X, Pops, Trixie, Chim Chim,
Spritle, Sparky and the Mach 5. This software is simple to install and can be
as easy or as challenging as you want it to be. Everything is drag and drop.
You can even add in your photos, animation, backgrounds and audio by using
their built-in Resource Browser on the left hand side. The Speed Racer version
comes with everything you need to create your very own Speed Racer comic
book including a variety of comic book page layouts, text balloons and even
title fonts to make big, splashy covers.  




The control panel helps you make changes quickly to fonts and balloon settings. You can resize balloons or photos with ease by clicking on them and pull them into the size you desire.

When you are done with your comic page or book, you have a few options. You can save it, publish it in a variety of formats including PDF and BMP formats and you can upload to Hypercomics website for the world to see.

This software is outstanding it serves dual purposes. It is both educational and entertaining. Your kids are actually creating something wonderful using their imagination and education. This is the perfect gift for any 7 year old and up! This is great software that you can use as a bonding experience by creating a Speed Racer comic book together. Your child will love you for it and you’ll get a great kick out of remembering your youth watching Speed Racer. You can find it at their website for $49.99.

They also have Comic Book Creator 2™, TOKYOPOP Manga Creator 2™, Virgin Comics Comic Book Creator 2™, Virgin Comics Comic Book Creator 2, National Geographic Kids Silly Pets Comic Book Creator™, Marvel Heroes Comic Book Creator™ ( My son’s favorite!), Comic Book Creator Pets™, Charlotte's Web Storybook Creator™, Barnyard Drag 'n Drop Comic Book Creator, Nacho Libre Drag 'n Drop Comic Book Creator, Schoolhouse Comics Comic Book Creator 2, CEO Dad Comic Book Creator 2, Risk Your Life MMOG Content Pack, Bluetorch MOX Content Pack, Holiday Occasions Twin Content Pack, Penguin Pack, Basic Content Pack. The prices vary. For more information, go to  My Comic Book


* Our Rating:

4 Stars – Great item – Buy it NOW!

3 Stars – Wait until it comes on sale at a Big Retail Store.

2 Stars – Wait until it comes on clearance.

1 Star – Wait until it comes to the Dollar Store.

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