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Yackle Ball by Ttalf Corporation

The Yackle Ball was invented by an innovative mother that wanted to create a ball that was easy to throw and catch. The Yackle Ball comes in 13 great color combinations. My favorites are the Black & Red, Purple & White, and Black & Capri (shown below).  Purple & Yellow and Black & Yellow are the new colors released this summer. This ball is manufactured in the USA.

He Said:

Everybody will have fun. We tried the ball out with a Cub Scout Pack in New Jersey where the kids' ages were 7 years old and up and they had various athletic abilities.  Once they started playing with the Yackle Ball they had a lot of fun. They liked it because the Yackle Ball was easier to throw and catch. The company claimed that the ball is made of an extremely durable scuff-resistant outer layer

which is UV protected and water resistant. The great thing about the ball the claims are not exaggerated and the ball is really durable. The kids were playing in the parking lot on asphalt and the ball passed with flying colors.  I was afraid the ball was going to have scratches or rips in the material. To my amazement there wasn’t even a scratch. If you’re a Gym teacher this ball will last a long time! The greatest thing about this ball is that it looks like an X and reminds me of J

She Said:

Yackle Ball Jr. is just as fun as Yackle Ball. The only criticism is that it is made from the same tough material as the Yackle Ball which may be tough for young or sensitive children. Yackle Ball Jr. is the same price as the Yackle Ball but the Jr. is smaller and comes in 3 different color combinations: Blue & White; Pink & White and Black & White.

There is also a Pink & White Yackle Ball for Breast Cancer Research and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

They Said: takes you to the corporate website. Once there, you can choose Yackle Ball or Yackle Ball Jr. website. You will find game rules, where to purchase and more information. You’re paying a little more but the ball is made in America and will last you a long time. The Yackle Ball product line is now available in 40 states and 3 countries. The ball can be purchased at their online store at or you can find a store near you at Just click on the state you live in and a new page will open with a listing of stores. Special pricing for schools and institutions may be available by contacting them by email at

The ball was a lot of fun and everyone will enjoy it!

* Our Rating:

4 **** – Great item – Buy it NOW!

3 *** – Wait until it comes on sale at a Big Retail Store.

2 ** – Wait until it comes on clearance.

1 * – Wait until it comes to the Dollar Store.

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