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Asphyx Assault Fighter
Description: Blast the UFO’s in this Galaga-like game
City Defender - 5/9/99
Creator: Paul Thomas
Description: Defend your citizens against the dropping bombs before they destory the city.
Defender - 10/16/98
Creator: Adam Davidson & Andrew Pollard
Description: Defend Earth against the aliens in this classic game made famous by Atari.
Fuel Critical - 8/10/99
Creator: Andrew Gower
Description: Fly your craft low over enemy territory, and collect the fuel before you run out! 
Description: This game requires a sharp eye and a quick hand, check it out!
Mars or Bust:

Description: Journey to Mars.

Martian Killer

Description: Your Mission: Survive the Martians!



Martians Strike Back
Description: Help Ralph defend the moon.
Orbital Defense - 4/25/99
Author: Ben Librojo
Description: A multi-directional scrolling, action-packed shoot-em-up.
Orn Patrol
Author: VR-1 Arcade
Description: Cruise across the surface of Hyperon's moon in an Orn buggy!
Outpost - 4/14/99
Creator: Andrew Gower
Description: With hoards of enemy ships to stop you in your tracks be sure to hit them first as you escape from the Outpost.
Paparazzi - 5/9/99
Creator: Rob Verhoef
Description: Use your camera to shoot your favorite filmstar. Just don't get shot.
Rocket Ralph
Description: Warning: Martians ahead.
Scout in Space
Description: A dog in the final frontier.
Ship Shooter - 11/10/98
Creator: Ray Owens
Description: Shoot the planes and ships, hit ten of each and then you get another chance to play.
Space Death - 11/28/98
Creator: Chris Kohlhardt
Description: Scrolling space game with cute graphics.
Space Germs
Description: Try four levels of speed in your quest against the Space Germs!
Space Rescue Game
Description: Can you save the Nerds? Their box has gotten lost in outer space!
StarMines - 10/11/98
Creator: Jari Karjala
Description: Great space game with similar features as asteroids.
Space Waste
Description: Space game, complete with sounds, explosions, and unlimited levels. See how much time you waste on this slimmed down variation of asteriods.
Tube - 11/4/98
Creator: Eric Yeh
Description: Fly down the 3d tube and kill everything before they kill you- the simple and manly way of solving all the world's problems.
Warp 1.5 - 10/16/98
Creator: Karl Hornell
Description: An improved version of my game Warp. This game has the look and feel I originally wanted to create. If the graphics on level 1 don't make you drool, those on level 2 will.
X3 DFN/DR - 10/4/98
Creator: VR-1 Arcade
Description: Zoom across the surface of Hyperon-5 picking up the few Orn who survived King Kruel's attack, but watch out for lingering Chaos Drones!
Zynaps - 6/16/99
Creator: Adam Davidson & Andrew Pollard
Description: Blast into enemy space in the side scrolling space shooting game.