Sports Links!

2D Golf - 5/20/99
Creator: Nakagawa
Description: Make sure to measure the wind speeds and the power of your stroke in the side perspective golf game. 
Alpine - 10/4/98
Creator: Steve A. Baker
Description: Better check your ski gear now.
Creator: Georg Erhardt
Description: Practice your hockey skills here. Try to get the puck pass the goal as much as you can. 10/9/98
Carpet Golf - 10/13/98
Creator: Edward R. Hobbs
Description: Choose your course, then putt your way through windmills, over bridges, and up ramps in seach of the elusive birdie.


Head-To-Head Baseball - 6/23/99
Creator: Total Sports
Description: Play a great game of baseball against someone else in realtime.
Hyper Plasma Ball - 11/4/98
Creator: VR-1 Arcade
Description: A advance version of worms. Here you have levels and keys. Great graphics.
Linx - 5/17/99
Creator: John Morris
Description: A full 18 holes of java golf! Use the Linx Course Editor to make your own 18 hole golf course and challenge your friends.
Long Ball 2 - 5/17/99
Creator: John Morris
Description: Home Run Derby at its best!


SabGOLF - 11/24/98
Creator: Steve A. Baker
Description: Visit the beautiful Sab golf course for a relaxing game of golf.
Scuba Dive - 5/9/99
Creator: Adam Davidson & Andrew Pollard
Description: Go for a dive in the cool game. Scuba dive into the ocean and test your swimming skills.
Snow Dreams - 11/19/98
Creator: Alain Villaume
Description: Wooewee... Join Santa as he snowboards down the mountain. Help him avoid the tree so he doesn't slow down. See how fast you can get Santa down the hill.


Soccer Java Applet - 10/9/98
Creator: Jeffrey S. Rosenthal
Description: Here's a one player soccer game. It a one on one match off against the computer and it's goaly.
SURF H2o - 10/8/98
Creator: Steve A. Baker
Description: Come surf the big wave dude, but make sure you got the skills so you don't drown.
Tennis Practice - 10/14/98
Creator: Harris Hudso
Description:  Brush up on your tennis skills you wil need it!
Voodoo Football - 10/7/98
Creator: XEO
Description: Being dead isn't so bad when you can still play a good game of footbal and knock down a few refs.