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Autism Resources
Autism Society of America
Common Characteristics
- Diagnosis

- Understanding Autism
Positively Autism - a free online magazine that celebrates the positives: abilities, talents, achievements, and success stories! Free resources include visuals supports, games, flashcards, data sheets, and more!

Entertainment Software Rating Board-check the ratings of software and video games

Flu Facts - Flu Facts from Roche Laboratories Inc.

Free Online Illustrated Classics - Alice in Wonderland,
Wizard of OZ and many more stories

How to Raise Girls to Become High-Achieving Successful Women

Learning Disabilities - Information on Learning Disabilities

Parents Guide to Internet Safety - by FBI

Parent Resources

Party Planning

Playground Prime - Internet directory of people who create literature, art, and music. Family safe so parents can share the information freely with their kids. A great web site!

Online Shopping Tips- From The LA Times

Safety Tips

Warning Signs of Serious Depression



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