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December 10,1999

Wow! ExtremeKids.com has to be one of the greatest resources on the Internet. I love that the web site is geared just for kids. Itís fun, exciting, and educational too! I like the idea of having a safe place on the Internet for kids to surf. Parents have enough to worry about these days without worrying about the content of strange sites.

I really must applaud the balanced mix of diverse topics such as a large assortment of educational material, homework help, games, kidsí fashion and hobbies. The site is geared toward kids of all ages. Thereís even a section for parents including information on Internet safety tips, college planning & much more! This site is a MUST see for kids of all ages as well as for parents.

With all that the Internet has to offer, this has to be one of the best websites Iíve seen.

Michael Schoendorf
President & CEO, AKWarehouse.com